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Merry Christmas
I have always contemplated the Christmas holiday, so this year is no exception.  And although it is a separate holiday, I always seem to tie it together with the New Year's celebration.  So much focus on life, life's ambitions, and concept of rationalizing our own existence.  I feel it is a birth, a celebration, and a renewal.  I feel it is a time to look inside one's self and also look outward.  Look through the thick mist of "busy" that everyone has and slow down to see through to all hearts, to feel all heart, and to hear their needs.  To be successful though, I must get past my own.  haha  Some years I am better at this than this one.  I apologize to the world of friends and family for I am caught in my own trap of dilema to break through the thickness of the busy and complicated practical environment.  I throw out images and words, but still I feel pathetically lacking.  Since when shall I be so small?  Sorry Sorry.  It is never too late to regroup though.  I struggle for time to organize my messy world in which I exist, but if I am not a quitter, I will find the time, I can strategize, organize, minimize, and be able to get back to my meaning for living.  Yipi !  I am surrounded by so many beautiful people.  I really want to be here for them.  Help me God, I really do.  I always say, you must be healthy and strong if you want to be anything for anyone.  I need to take my own advice and see how true it really is. 

2011 December 25th                     Laurel Sandquist


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