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"Frozen Stillness"
"Frozen Stillness"

    I stood there watching the wind whip through the trees.  Like an evil ghost tearing the leaves and throwing them down like rocks to the ground.  The wind so firgid crashed against my frost bitten face like being sandblasted with ice particles.  My body was shaking uncontrolably from the bitter cold which my clothing could not resist.

    As much as I tried, the stillness could not be obtained no matter how intense the effort.  I stood there in the dark, with feet covered in the blinding white snow.  Such a contrast to the heavenly warmth I longed for.  How could it be that destiny should drag me to such a cold and desolate place?  What is the purpose of unbearable conditions, I asked myself.

    And then, a soft voice from within answered, without hesitance or reserve.  It is a time to stop, for just one moment, to freeze in place and to feel pain in the most pure state.  With this, spring will come and life will bloom.  The sun will shine and day radiate warmth through the heart.  Through the cold frozen time, you gain so much.  You rest, you feel reality, and your heart slows, and you pay attention with such accuracy.

    So now that when spring is here, you will have the energy and the knowledge to bloom like a rose and through the summer, follow the road that was lay for you.  This is a cycle of destiny for some people, if not for all people.  Life will be warm and the sun will shine, then the cold will slowly make its way into the soul and freeze there, only to thaw once more and release the abundance of energy back into the world.

2011 December 15th                                               Laurel Sandquist


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